Monday, May 02, 2005

so UNhappy together

say it aint so! it might be true. the articles from people and they dont f-around. if it was from us weekly or star then i might have thrown this topic to the side but its people mag and theyre credible. argh! i never liked them together, ever! you know how i feel. this is how it should be:

so happy together! look how the affection towards each other is completely mutual. both are looking into each others eyes. they were the best couple ever! then this happened:

the britster couldnt control her pelvis. hell. i wouldnt be able to either but damn. makes you think how one mistake could lead to a completely unholy future:

with a bun in the oven! gross. but this aint about my bitch brit. its about the delicious jtim and the old bony troll hes been with since his brit brit days. look at him with his "lady":

the old lady is trying to talk to him during a basketball game. is she an idiot? never ever bother your man during sports. every girl knows that! look at his face. he is annoyed. i know what hes thinking: "how can i get rid of this old bitch?!" ill tell you one thing, you cant get rid of her if you marry the old bag o' bones.

a vacation pic. cammie is all over jtim. shes like, "gimme all your love and affection" and he has the "get the f*$# off me bitch" look on his face. oh justin. howd you get yourself in this mess? shouldve kicked her to the curb a long time ago.

oh i know jtim will never ever take back brit, especially since shes with child now but dont take yourself off the market either. jtim is H-O-T! and young too. still got years left to bone every hot chick that walks by. why settle for an old annoying bitch like cammie? ahh, the world is just full of unanswered questions.


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