Thursday, May 05, 2005

travs the man

i knew it was on last night. i even reminded myself out loud - 10 pm. barkers. did i catch it on time? of course not. but it wasnt by accident though. i was having dinner at the diner with joinaclub(aka jo - my sister). i wasnt even going to watch it but when i came home, the tv was already on so i sat and watched.

we all know i loved the first ep bc of trav and his mini solo session in the car before having dinner with shanna and the wedding planner. so priceless. i love love love it! so this ep had a montage of photos from their nightmare before xmas themed wedding like this:

the wedding looked like a good time. anyhoo, then they showed the couple honeymooning in fiji. shanna wanted to go scuba diving but trav didnt want to go. his reason was this: "you know how you just dont like some bands. like you just dont like u2. well, i just dont like being 30 feet under water." hmmm. made you think. whats up with the trav man. then we realize its bc he saw the movie open water and was freaked out bc there are sharks in the water.

so they compromised and went to a place in the water that was only a few feet deep. my fave part is when you see trav having a mini bottle of alcohol before going into the water. so great. his reactions in the water were almost as entertaining as his dinner with the wedding planner - it comes in at a very very close second. oh trav. i think i love ya more now. not only are you a kickass drummer (no one beats my bro though) but you just kick ass period. travs the man.


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