Saturday, April 16, 2005

i want to be mrs. ari

ari m-f'in gold! man hes HOT. i just finished watching an ep of entourage. so so so underrated. my fave ep is the script and the sherpa with val kilmer - best sherpa - but tonights ep has one of jeremy pivens best scenes ever(even though every scene with him is the best) - busey and the beast. the way ari rips josh weinfuck(his words exactly) a new one without even breaking a sweat. man. H.O.T. so freakin hot. ah mr. gold. that is exactly what you are - gold. i love how he takes no mercy from anyone thats in his way yet when the missus cracks out the whip, he obeys like an obedient dog. love it! you know jeremy piven is the only guy who can play ari gold bc hes definitely chill but also the biggest asshole. man. why am i finding myself attracted to all these m-f'in assholes lately. must be the attitude. attitude is so hot.

supposedly the second season will start airing in june. man i hope so. i will be waiting on my couch with much anticipation. ari. gold. doesnt get any better.


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