Friday, April 15, 2005

prego britney/sometimes britney

the weather is getting warmer. the clothes are getting skimpier. ah spring. the nicer weather has already taken me out of my winter blues but i may have another set of blues to sing. im not gonna lie. im not your stereotypical asian chick(and not bc of my love for cute j-boys). i didnt go to harvard, i dont play the piano/violin, and i am certainly not stick thin. ive got a few curves(just not in the chest area). my sister used to compare me to (my bitch) britney spears. especially during the stick thin years of xtina. see, britney was a bit curvier but still not fat. so i was the flat-chested britney of the fam. whatever, i'll take it.

so during the first half of last year, i was in a mini-depression. hell, anyone who still lives at home with no job would. then, i got a job and figured, since im on a roll, i might as well start working out as well. well honey hello, i was feelin' and lookin' good. i knew i could never look like "slave 4 U" britney but i was close to "sometimes" britney. that worked for me. then winter came, got the cold weather blues and cut down my gym time from 3-5 days a week to once a week and ate whatever was in front of me.

so i took a good look in the mirror today and didnt see "sometimes" britney. no i saw prego britney. so before the spring turns into summer, my mission is to get rid of this prego britney bod and turn it into at least a pre-kfed britney bod. that man not only knocked her up, he gave her a bad addiction to junk food. so not appealing.


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