Thursday, April 14, 2005

coming soon ... spederline tv!

its been announced. brit and feddie are coming to a small screen near you! well, probably not bc how many people do you know have their tvs on upn? exactly but i just may actually tune in to channel 9 on may 17th. how can you not watch? not only are the two trash birds starring in this spectacle, they are the ones who taped it. see. this was all a part of britsters master plan. she knows whats she worth and man is she milking it. she may be southern white trash but the girls got a mind of a money maker. she knew if she taped herself doing anything(i know what youre thinking you dirty perverts!) she could sell it anywhere and make mucho dinero. ahh, the making of brits 2nd wedding to someone who i think is a million times worse than the first guy she married.

fame. itll ruin anyone. especially if youre ridiculously famous like miss britney jean spears(-now federline). just a small sidenote. nice father k-trash is. the man keeps smoking with prego brit brit right next to him. the fetus probably has an addiction already. disgusting. nice choice brit. nice flippin' choice!


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