Sunday, April 10, 2005


spring time. i love it. the nice weather definitely gets you out of your winter blues and makes you wanna go out and enjoy the weather. be active. have fun. love love love it. today was just a full day of appreciation which was mainly caused by todays amazing weather. what i appreciated on this beautiful sunday:

my cabrio: so everyone teased me a little when i first got my car (bc its a convertible) but every moment of torment was worth it today. driving in and out of the city with the top down on the 59th street bridge was so so kickass. not only did i appreciate the fun-ness of my car but also the clear sunny skies and the always beautiful nyc skyline. ahhh. 3 in 1. gotta love it.

hip hop class: really is such a great workout. i had fun and got an hour and half of cardio out of it. getting my workout done first thing just makes me feel like ive accomplished so much. by 1:30pm today, i already completed a feel good activity. nice.

mta subways: cheap. fast. convenient. true its also germy. crowded. nasty. but on a day like today, it worked in our favor thus, ending up on the appreciated items list. N R W = convenient.

dunkin donuts: not only does it carry the best and cheapest iced coffee, its also conveniently located on every three blocks in the city. gotta love it.

shake shack burgers: waited in line for about an hour but all was forgiven when i bit into my juicy burger. mmmmmmmmmmmmm. shack sauce=mmmmmmmmmmmmm. cant stress it enough. cheese fries. caramel milkshake. in the words of manny santos from degrassi: yummy yum yum. guess where we ate our delicious meals? outdoors in madison square park(where the shack is located) so not only did we enjoy a very delectable lunch, but we also got to soak in a few rays and enjoy the weather. double appreciation whammy!

hey, jealousy fans: ok. so this is from last night but i must say, best surprise of last nights show. went to see my brosefs play and saw the crowd surrounding them. the best part was when the fans starting singing along with the band. nearly brought a tear to my eye. to see people i have never met before singing along to songs ive been hearing for months was freaky but totally cool. coolest moment ever. its like, strangers know about my cool secret and they think its just awesome as i do. my appreciation goes out to those fans. keep on supporting my brosefs. theyre so kickass!

so im glad i spent my sunday the way i did. i got a shitload done - workout, good meal, walked around outdoors - and appreciated every second ive spent. i heard the weather is going back to shitsville this week so im doubly glad i spent it the way i did. wow. im actually in a delightful mood. will i have anything to talk about with jill r tomorrow? probably. when do i never?


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