Monday, April 11, 2005

feel good/gotti monday

"just another manic monday. i wish it were sunday. 'cause thats my fun day. my i dont have to run day." yeah. thats not my song. for months now ive been dubbing mondays as "feel good mondays" because i have my sessions with jill r and then go to the gym afterwards. feel good emotionally and feel good physicallly. it was a great combo. that combo ended about mid february. i dont know. caught a bad case of the winter blues. still went to jill r but the sight of my bed just seemed so much more appealing than a sweaty workout on the elliptical. so i traded in gym time for gotti time. thats right: growing up gotti.

ill be honest with you. the first time i saw it, i thought these were the rudest boys ive ever seen on television - disrespecting their mother like that. i couldnt get away though. jo (my sister) watches the show religiously. shit, this computer has a gotti screensaver on it! the more i watched, the more i loved. gotti = entertainment! damn. if i was a high schooler who was into greasy mafioso pretty boys, i would totally be crushing. damn damn damn.

so ive decided i cant call mondays "feel good mondays" anymore. im not sticking with the gym hence no feel good combo. however, i am still feeling (therapy - emotions - feelings) so the new name will be feel gotti mondays. my choice is carmine ;)


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