Friday, April 08, 2005

frustrations of an asian chick

today is friday. yay! :) so a bunch of us girls from work are going out for happy hour. and a bunch of my hometown hos are coming out to meet us a few hours later. see, a normal girl wouldnt mind and would just stay at the bar enjoying happy hour. of course i am not a normal girl. see, ive been pondering why i dislike bars so much. ive even discussed this with jill r(my therapist, not to be mistaken with the jiller who is the bff, hehe. so cheese). so even after a session with jill r, we didnt really come up with a reason as to why i hate bars so much but she did tell me that even though i hate hate hate small talk and think its bullshit, she said that small talk is bullshit but thats the only way to get to know new people. whatever. this isnt about bullshit small talk. this is about drinking - the real and only reason why people go to bars.

drinking. its so fun that millions of people become addicted and then "diseased" by it. they just cant stop. puts them in a good mood and creates fun for all - all that are drinking that is. see, when i drink, i have that good ol' fun for about 5-10 minutes, dont give a crap that my face is probably redder than my friends' cosmos(damn asian flush*) and then my hearing and vision starts to fade and i either lose my balance to stand on my own two feet or immediately run to the bathroom(while my hearing and vision are impaired) to throw up. see, thats why im not a big drinker. id rather do something else thatll only make my eyes red as opposed to my whole face. hence, bars arent my fave places.

today, i will try my best to stay at a bar for longer than my usual 15 minutes. itll be a little easier than usual bc a)we're getting appetizers and b)i have a reason to wait - gotta see the hometown hos whom i havent seen in months. MONTHS! i know. im a horrible friend. i just realized that i see my friends who live in the city more often than my friends who live on long island - and i still live at home on long island. crazy. im a little nervous to see 'em bc i havent seen them in so long and they probably want to kick my ass for being such a horrible friend. then again, they are coming out to see me. hmmm. something else to ponder. just another reason why i go to therapy once a week. jill r - you must think im nuts but if i werent, you wouldnt know me.

*asian flush. its when people(a majority of them being asian) turn all RED from drinking alcohol. i heard from my med school friends its bc we lack the enzymes that breaks down alcohol or something. its not all asian people - my dad and bro dont turn red. i just got lucky i guess - lacking enzymes and all. im probably lacking crap that breaks down fat too. argh. to be a heavier than average asian chick sucks too. another blog possibly.


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