Saturday, April 09, 2005

15 minutes to 5 hours - a world record!

i did it. i actually stayed at a bar for more than my usual 15 minutes. i know. its a phenomenom. not only did i have doubts but i shocked myself for staying so long. i think i gave about everyone i know a heart attack from this. happy hour turned into a complete night and i actually kinda enjoyed it. haha. i guess hell has frozen over. jk.

so i woke up yesterday excited about going out for happy hour with the girls from work. if we go through our slave labor each and every week together, might as well take out our frustrations together over some fun appetizers and cold drinks. then, happy hour(which began around 6pm) turned into a mini hoopla as i invited jordy and the hometown girlies. it almost became a mini reunion of sorts seeing these girls i havent seen in months. i was a little nervous being that i was little miss sketcho this winter but all was well when the girlies showed up. of course the jiller came bc it aint no hoopla without the jiller and the night was pretty cool.

i actually drank. and a beer at that. in a can. i was so white trashy and i kinda liked it. even though i turned a little crimson - its inevitable - it didnt even bother me. well, maybe just a little. of course there was a little smokin' going on throughout the night but do i ever have a night without a little of that? not really. i planned on leaving early with the jiller considering i had been there since after work and the hometown-ies came a few hours later but i decided to stay, mostly because i was jammed in the middle of our booth and was too lazy to get up. ahh, so my laziness made me stay and im glad i did.

more hometown-ies came by like dodanks and her boyfriend. lets just say, im not a fan of the bf. i think hes an obnoxious pompous a-hole and ive only been in his presence for less than an hour. thats all i could take. whats worse was that the two of them fight like animals. and i was told by the bf's friend ryan (who i will discuss in a little bit) that this is them on a good night. oy vey! its ridiculous. so back to ryan. hes like a matthew conaughey with a rhino nose and a queer eye twist - the kid walked in with a bright yellow polo sweater! wasnt a big fan of his either but the bf takes the a-hole of the night award. ugh. i absolutely had to leave when they started discussing cars. barf. what really made it hard for me to suppress my upchuck reflexes was when they started talking about little high schoolers getting cars that cost more than my annual salary. thats always a good way to teach your child the value of a dollar. makes me nauseous.

anyhoo, after holding back my puke - which was surprisingly not caused alcohol - jord, the melfur, fryz (3 of the hometown-ies) and i left the bar(after 11pm!) and went back to jords for a midnight smizzle. ahh, every night should end with a bowl and a slice of carvel ice cream cake. every. night.


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