Wednesday, April 06, 2005

barkers a smoker!

so im so so so mad at myself that i missed the first five minutes of meet the barkers. ive actually been waiting to see this show for days as opposed to just stumbling upon it on tv like i usually do so i was doubly pissed that i lost track of time and missed the beginning. anyway, i proceeded to watch.

it was kinda hard for me to get into bc i was so peeved about missing the first few minutes but i started to really pay attention when trav and shanna were driving to meet their wedding planner. they get to a restaraunt and trav tells shanna that he needs a few minutes in the car and to go inside without him. then, theres a shot of the driver side door and a puff of smoke poofs out of the window. trav was blazin! i LOVE it!

the best part was the meal the couple had with the wedding planner. as shanna is doing the seating chart and rattling out names, travis sits there in a daze and doesnt know a single person on their guest list. my all time fave part was when he raved, this is the best soup to shanna. genius! i cant even think about the dessert part without crackin' a smile. ahh trav. i like to blizzle before a meal too; especially when i have to have it with people im not too fond of.

i read a review of the show this afternoon and it didnt have too many nice things to say. i have to say that the review did have one thing right. the couple pay way more attention to their baby son landon than shannas daughter atiana (with abusive ex oscar de la hoya) but what do i know - i did miss the first five minutes. argh.


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