Tuesday, April 12, 2005

the britster is prego

its official. the girl announced it on her website. miss britney jean spears-federline is pregnant. she is carrying the child of her money grubbing rat husband. we all saw it coming. the girl had it all masterfully planned in her head. after her "because we were in vegas" wedding/annulment, she met k-trash, conveniently injured her knee, cancelled her tour, spent her summer as the southern white trash she is with a man who will forever have baby mama drama, walked down the aisle for the second time that year to her "pimp daddy", enjoyed being a newlywed vegging out and screwin' like animals, and finally, after getting some child raising training with her stepkids, she knew she was ready to bear a child.

raise a whole new breed of southern white ghetto trash. nice. the child will be wearing a do rag, eating cheetos and walking bare foot into gas station bathrooms before his/her 'rents get divorced. who am i kidding. federline will walk out way before that. ah. you know deep down feddie and his ex shar planned this all out together: marry the spears, knock her up, leave, take her money and get back together. oh that shar jackson. shes a smart one. did you know shes got two other kids - not from federline. damn! shes a baby making machine. i guess thats what attracts k-fed. he like the fertile ones. plant his trashy seeds into anyone he can grab. man hes nasty. that kinda makes him hot. kinda.


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