Thursday, April 07, 2005

public restrooms

so i have a thing with bathrooms. public ones especially. i hate hate hate using them. i really think my bladder is like the size of texas bc my ability to hold in pee until i get home is remarkable. really. doing a number two is a whole different story. i screwed up my excretory system for sure bc i couldnt handle the communal bathrooms during my dorm days. i know. im a loon.

so i decided to venture off to roosevelt field yesterday after work. i ran out of my fave body creams - a girls gotta moisturize! - and i know only the sephoras in roosevelt field and the americana carry my fave fave fave body cream - jaqua marshmallow cocoa. since the americana one closes at 6pm and i didnt want to be pressed for time, i went to roosevelt field. its semi on the way home anyway.

of course as soon as i stepped in the mall, my bladder felt like it was gonna burst like an 80 year olds so i went to the closest restroom i could find - the one right outside saks. to my surprise, the stalls actually looked decent. very private which is good to know if i ever have a number 2 attack while shopping. my surprise was quickly shortened when i stepped into the stall and shut the door. damn graffiti everywhere. felt like i was in a gas station bathroom although ive never really stepped foot in one (id rather hold it in til i get home than use one of those). nasty.

moral of the story: dont judge a restroom until youve shut your stall door. you never know whats behind it.


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