Wednesday, April 06, 2005

mickey p will NOT be coming to a screen near you

tear tear tear.

i damn near cried when i read it. por que man? por freakin que! i must tell you the truth. first time i heard about this movie i had no interest in seeing it. c'mon. justin timberlake! yes you can dance, you can sing, and honey, you are a v.v. nice piece of eye candy but your acting chops - dont got any (im embarassingly admitting to have seen model behavior with kathy lee gifford and her annoying and talentless son cody).

but after i saw a pic of jtim with fake tats for the film, it sparked a little interest. what pulled the trigger of my wanting to see this film was none other than mr. mickey parke himself (alex solowitz). so, one day i was bored at work and decided to google my main man bc i havent really heard anything about him recently. when i saw that he was gonna be in this film, i had to imdb it.

all i have to say is - best cast ever! mickey p and jtim are given faves of mine but theres more. shawn hatosy of the faculty fame and ben foster. yeah, i always know the obscure ones. ive watched ben since he was tucker in flash foward but most of you will probably know him as russell from six feet under. oy. i can probably go on and on about at least half the cast, like alan thicke (jason seaver rocks!) but why bother, right?

hate when crap like this happens. you know there are actually a bunch of movies that a-sol(hehe. i just made up a new nickname for him) has been in but i have never seen bc the budget sucks and they cant/havent been able to distribute it. argh! someone throw some cash over to nick cassavetes* and lets finish this flick. you know therell be at least one very anticipating viewer - me! and i wouldve totally gone to see this one alone. hmmmmm.

*side note: why doesnt this man have any money? didnt he make buttloads(2gether reference) from the notebook? hmm, food for thought eh.


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