Thursday, December 06, 2007

facebook is my new crack

seriously. damn you jamie! i tried to fight the facebook bandwagon but i ended up on it instead. it started out as just a college kid thing and ew, i think it started after i left college. so ew, idve been an old fogie if i joined when it first came out. so obv, i didnt. then facebook became bigger, so big in fact, that people would jokingly say, "even my moms on facebook." and even though they would say it in a comical tone, you knew that the statement was true. now its all the rage hence it being cool enough for moi to be on. i think it was a combo of jamies urging (aka nagging), knowing that a bunch of work peeps would be on it, the fact that facebook looks for your friends for you (bc im a lazy b.i. and hate looking for friends), and myspace and friendster werent cutting in the "what to do during work when not working" category. so now im on it and literally on it like almost every hour. the first 24 hours were fantastic bc your number of friends would grow so quickly. its like, im so popular and i dont even have to try. im still trying to figure out how to pimp my profile although i never really bothered with myspace where even the most computer illiterate morons have sparkly backgrounds and dumb hos prancing across the screen. besides, i love any new tool that helps me stalk. ah, my hs days are rushing back to me. stalking can be fun. especially if you have a crush. ive tried googling my hs crush but hes like nowhere to be found on the 'net. hes either really private or still really scared of me. jk. at least i hope its a jk sitch. hmmmm, i dont think ive tried facebook'ing him. oooh, a reason to sign back on. i guess my bf is lucky hes anti-social networking even its ironic bc i met him through an online service (some people can be so oxymoronic). bc i would stalk and be paranoid. ok, maybe its lucky me that hes not on facebook, myspace, or friendster. my jealousy and suspiciousness would drive me so loca that even jill r wouldnt be able to help me. anyway, so if youre ever wondering what im doing, odds are good that im on facebook. damn crackass addiction.


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