Tuesday, May 23, 2006

ace and ace

the american idol finale is rapidly approaching. i totally got this season completely wrong. only 2 of my top 5 made the actual top 5. i probably wont be watching the finale. lost is on at the same time and you know this girlie dont got the tivo yet. kat or tay. who knows. besides, this isnt about whos gonna win but who has already won my heart. thats ace. i youtube'd him today because i just needed my dose of his delicious father figure but i found this instead. the all clips of his acting stint on half and half. hes actually not that bad of an actor but you know how it is with faces as pretty as his: its better if they dont speak at all. the noise that should be coming out of that boys mouth should only be father figure. damn that was a good perf. ok, here he is playing a hot shot baseball player dreaming of a singing career. ew, worst show. best guy though.


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