Monday, May 22, 2006

sing it girl!

cars. you dont realize how much of a second home a car can be until yours gets towed away from you. yeah man. my cabrio died on me a few weeks ago. im supposedly getting it back this week. damn you vw. my car gets a 10 in the looks dept and a 3 in performance. hmm, its kinda like a himbo. well, i only have a few months left 'til i say goodbye to the lie and say hello to the mta. hello 6 train! i just hope my precious car can get me through this one last suburban summer. my fingers are crossed.

besides the mechanical problems the car has had, i love my car. i never really liked driving until i got it. easy to drive and its fun fun fun. covertible=fun. i feel like ive been outta sync without my car. not only is it home to most of my sessions, its the only place i can sing my heart out (and you know i do!). my commute to work hasnt been completely silent while my car has been in the shop. joinaclub graciously lent me her car and with it comes her music. i left all my good cds in my car (which was taken to the shop) so all i had to listen to were the tunes the join grooves out to.

i belt out cheesy guilty pleasure songs of 2g and the d but the join busts out to respectable bust outable tunes. yeah man, i dont even have to do the courtesy/i dont want to embarass myself lower of the volume dial. uniterrupted busting out... or should i say uninterrupted practice. practice for what? karaoke. its been way way way too long since the girlies have had a night out at our fave k-town joint. so, here are the top 3 tunes ive been wailing to while my cabrio gets a new transmission.

panic! at the disco: i write sins not tragedies - yeah yeah. i know. im not an annoying emo/hipster preteen. and yes, this song is probably gonna be so old in like two days since i already heard this little ditty on z100 the other day. i cant get it out of my head though... but in a good way not in a b.e.p. humps way. whatcha gonna do with all that junk? damn. did that to myself. anyway, i never wouldve thought id be digging a panic! song. ugh, theyre name just annoys me. i hate names with weird punctuation in it but now that im staring at it for a while, its kinda growing on me. ew, i am an annoying emo/hipster preteen.

ashlee simpson: boyfriend - ew, i hated hated hated this song when it first came out. just like a simpson to bring back up past tabloid fodder to promote their shit. anything to rake in the mucho dinero. but i cant lie. this song is damn good. and its damn fun to bust out to too. besides, its an ashlee song, not jessica. jessica sucks. ashlee rocks. especially with the best nose job ive seen since my own. hehe. i kid. everyone knows mine is the best. but ashlee, she knows good plastic surgery. she should give her sis some tips. tip #1: collagen is not something to get addicted to. its not coke.

leann rimes: right kind of wrong - yeah so everyone likes cant fight the moonlight from the coyote ugly soundtrack but this one is my fave. not much else to say about this one except i hope its in the karaoke book.

so i think a karaoke night should be planned for this weekend. our fave place shouldnt be too packed. im expecting the city to be kinda empty as this weekend is the (un)official start to the summer. summer weekends = city dwellers on the island (fire or long as in the hamptons).

special mention:
grandpa joel made our tapes! the vacation lives on.
concert concert, whos going to a lot of concerts? clarkson, idol, the madge. - musically delicious.


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