Tuesday, May 16, 2006

finale finagle

jamie probably wants to kill me right now. i replied 'maybe' to her idol finale party evite. (i almost always reply 'yes'. i only replied 'no' once and that was for game day which happened to be the same day i was leaving for cali.) i love idol. i really do. but it broke my heart when the illustrious ace got the boot and made my jaw drop when we had to abruptly bid adieu to my top pick chris. but thats not why i probably wont be watching the idol finale. other than the fact that itll probably be 1 hour and 55 minutes of crappy filler hosted by the grossest of host(e)s, ryan seacrest (the f-out please) and the results that you find out in the last 5 minutes of the show you can find in two secs on the internet. so yeah man, idol finale is probably a no-go for me. besides, i like the performance eps better anyway. ive got different plans that night. ive got LOST!

i must admit, i wasnt the most hardcore viewer this season. hell, i missed a few eps and even during the ones i did catch, i didnt give my fullest attention during every single second of the show. to say the plot got ridiculous this season is an understatement. the season opened up with the opening of the hatch. ooh ah. electricity, computers from the 80s, mama cass playing on a record player. intriguing. interesting. desmond. cruisazy. then we got to see the other 48 days. the cruisaziness the tailies went through made our group (led by my hot doc hero jack) look like they were on a vacation in paradise, in comparison of course. lost almost lost me but these past few weeks have won me over again. i cannot cannot miss this finale. it gonna be two hours of mind bending, mind numbing, brain teasing cruisaziness!

speaking of cruisaziness, katharine a scientologist? tom cruise and l ron bugging the idol hotlines? im starting to believe the rumors. if katharine still stays in the idol running this week, im blaming the scientologists. they shouldnt have this much power in the entertainment industry. did anyone see battlefield earth? exactly.

special mention:
the 50 cent bet.
verdict: its a draw... and im a ho.

random perv: id like to smooch your pooch.
reaction: yikes and yikes.

side note: i know. how i can write about finales and not mention greys anatomy? ill be honest with you, i didnt finish the finale. when i do, i may have to do a recap of some sort. izzy is so loony. damn love. it makes you do stupid things. and on that note, heres a song that i think best describes that crazy little thing called love. performed by my all time fave miss clarkson. and yes its from the best love movie of our time, love actually.


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