Friday, August 19, 2005

we need a hero

i woke up this morning with aching arms and a sore throat and began to remember the night i had with a chuckle. i couldnt have dreamed up a more interesting, eventful yet eventless night ever and it was the most fun ive had in a long time. what was supposed to be a simple dinner with friends turned into what couldve been an episode friends or as jamie put it, "a bad episode of joey" but nonetheless, laughs were had during a few moments of panic.

so the jiller invited the gang (jiller, me, jamie, gaylie, adam, aim, sharon, and tom) for a rooftop dinner at her 6 story walk up. thats right. 6 stories of ridiculous stairs that make you feel like youre climbing mount everest. but it was a beautiful night in new york city and who can say no to a free meal. everyone brought a bottle of wine each while i provided the comfy lawn chairs (and a little dutchie too). jiller and her bf tom made a delicious dinner of chicken cutlets, meatballs and pasta while jamie brought over her atkins friendly salad. good food and convos were had with our candlelit dinner. all was great especially since we all hadnt gotten together in a long time.

while jiller, tom and jamie were bringing the dessert, jamie shut jillers apt door behind her and locked us out. i wasnt panicking too much because ive got survival skills. i brought my stuff with me to the roof. but everyone started to throw hissy fits as there were some at the table to had to go to the bathroom (and im not talking #1) and others who just couldnt handle the fact that they were on the roof while their bags with their cell phones were downstairs in the locked apt.

tom came to the rescue as he got in contact with one of jillers roommates and left to go get her keys. not wanting to lock us out on the roof, tom made sure the roof door was unlocked before he left. so after a little more catching up, the aim decided to leave as she has survival skills like me too and already had all her stuff with her on the roof. we bid adieu to the aim and continued with our conversations. while we were wondering how much longer tom was going to take, we realized the roof door was locked. so not only were we locked out of the jillers apt, but we were locked up on the roof too! the closest fire escape was a full story down and none of us are crazy acrobats who were about to scale down a nyc apt building.

as soon as we started to panic we saw the roof door open and in came tom. yay! as we all yelled out to tom to keep the door open, the door shut behind him. so we were once again stuck on the roof. tom solved problem number 1: the locked apt door, but we still needed to be saved from problem number 2: the locked roof door.

looking back at the events of last night, the ending is something i think even margaret cho would be proud of. after much brainstorming, adam called the closest person we knew to jillers apt which was the beautiful brennan. our hero:
brennan walked six blocks up to rescue us from the roof. so a night that began as a nice rooftop dinner with friends, included two different lock outs and ended with a hot gay man coming to save us. even though he says hes saving 4% of himself for the jiller, we all still want to jump him. before, after and especially during the rescue. brennan is our hero!


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