Thursday, May 12, 2005

best buy

shopping. this is how i shop - i go to the store, pick up what i came to buy, purchase, leave. simple shopping. im an in and out type of girl. no looking around, browsing the racks, trying on a million things, etc... i hate that crap. there are a few stores though that i can actually spend hours in. well, maybe not hours but definitely more than the 5-10 minutes it usually takes me to buy something:

1. target - the store literally has everything you need from cds/dvds, to clothes(which btw i wouldnt purchase unless its bathing suits bc who needs to spend a huge chunk of money on a bathing suit), to food, to house stuff and it even has a $1 section. whats better than a $1 section?

2. costco - anything in bulk just fascinates me therefore i can stay in there for days. days i tell you!

3. best buy - lives up to its name. its true. we (meaning me and the sibs joinaclub and ichford and son) used to live with a cd/dvd nazi(aka the other sister) who would accost us if we purchased anything without researching it on the internet for the best price. yeah. n.a.z.i. so if we did buy anything, we would have to hide it and enjoy it in privacy. pretty crazy right. but best buy. you cant go wrong. best prices. and a great selection.

i walked into best buy yesterday to purchase one thing and one thing only:

the dvd came out on tuesday but since i was celebrating the aims bday, the purchase had to wait a day. so after i picked up my ari gold fix, i couldnt help but walk down the aisles a little and i finally picked up my fully baked wide screen edition of half baked. yay! but that wasnt the end of my best buy purchase. oh no siree bob. i perused the tv section of dvds one more time and picked up one of the greatest purchases ive ever made. ever:

i love love love degrassi: the next generation but to truly appreciate the greatness of this canadian teen angsty drama, i had to buy the original series. oh lordy pick a pail of cotton i walked out with a perma grin. i couldnt wait to go home and watch the origins of joey jeremiah, caitlyn ryan, spike and snake. so so fun! i watched the first two eps last night. i loved 'em. as i read the descriptions for the other eps i realized that they kinda recycled some storylines for the next generation but hey, why fix it if it aint broke. oh those canadians. they know teen angst.


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