Friday, August 05, 2005

d:tng - it goes there

so my laziness from the winter blues hasnt really come to an end. even as weve past the midway point of summer. its sad. it really is. i think i can count the number of times ive been to the gym in 2005 on one hand! its pathetic but since my gym membership is ending soon (or it may have already) and daddy decided to add on to his midlife crisis purchases - a mint treadmill that will be delivered to the house on tuesday - i dont have to feel guilty about not getting enough cardio throughout the week. nah. i should just focus on keeping up with my shows. yeah. i really set high goals for myself.

so tonight is a brand spankin new ep of degrassi. well, brand spankin new to us who watch the-n and not our lovely neighbors up north who im sure have seen this ep last year. anyway, ive even been bad with my beloved degrass. i completely missed the ep when paige and mr o's (degrassis ta) relationship went public. i heard it was INtense as usual. and i only half watched last weeks ep when dylan tells marco he wants an open relationship. hello marco! all gay relationships are open relationships. different set of rules to go by man. dont be so upset.

anyway, tonights ep was practically made for me. jealous bitches get into a catfight and theres even a little cheerleading thrown in there. brings a nostalgic tear to my eye. yeah man. the ep is focused on the schools two biggest bitches and skank ass hos. fightin words 'cause these bitches be fightin'. lets get to the contenders:

paige michelchuk (played by lauren "like im gonna say no" collins): vindictive aint even the word. its paiges way or no way. man, the first few seasons of degrassi, she was the bitch to hate. walking into the school with the shades and "hottie" tank, paige ruled it all. she liked making peoples lives miserable because she could. people assumed she was a big ho but we realized during her freshman year that she was in fact a virgin, until dean from the rival school raped her. even though she said no, she still kinda deserved it. she walked into that damn party with clear spiky heels! if that doesnt scream stripper, i dont know what does. anyhoo, after that rape, she found comfort in the arms of spinner. she treated him like crap, didnt give him any, then dumped his ass. that is the paige way. her next boy toy was the ta. she just loves those bad boys. now the bad ass bitch whos ready for some fightin'...

manny (short for manuela) santos (played by cassie "she has my name but shes a real life skank ho" steele: manny. girlys got spunk. she, just like paige, likes to get what she wants. but unlike paige, mannys got an undying need to please others so she can also be a bit of a pushover. when you push past her limit however - rrrrrrrroooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwrrrrrrrrrr - catfight biatch! mannys definitely a fighter. damn, she went after craig after he had a lovers quarrel with his gf ashley and started a scandalous love triangle that ended in an abortion and three broken hearts. well, craig and ashley got back together after craigs big bi-polar breakdown at ashleys fathers wedding to his boyfriend, (gotta love those canadians. they cover so many different topics in one ep.) while manny was left babyless and alone. going with what she knows best, to took another persons sloppy seconds - spinner from paige. but that didnt last long.

so onto the ep. mannys had enough of paiges "im the queen of the world" attitude and shit goes down. starts with cheerleading practice when paige tries to take the credit of mannys hard work. then prom queen noms are up and both are in the running. the two have a bit of a 9-0 moment when they discover theyre both trying on the same dress. bitch fights are the best and degrassi always brrrrrinnnnnnngsssss it! you know where ill be at 8pm tonight ;)


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