Wednesday, August 03, 2005

im pregnant! - thats nice, btw i slept with the nanny

i hated her. who didnt. shes gorgeous and snagged jude as soon as he finally got rid of his crazy ex sadie but you gotta feel bad for her. yeah, sienna is gorgeous and her movie career is picking up but jude put her in a pretty bad predicament. look at how they were:

so gorgeous right? you think to yourself, they would make the most beautiful babies. yeah well supposedly they are. a few weeks after jude announced and admitted to shagging the nanny word is out that sienna is preggers. for six weeks! maybe 8! gawker depicts what probably happened the best. supposedly the love birds told their close family and friends about the baby on board and then, only a few days after the baby announcement, jude spilled the beans about his affair with doughy nanny. hehe. sadie knew all along about the affair. i bet shes laughing about the whole sitch although she did offer a shoulder to cry on.

what is sienna to do? get rid of this gorgeous fetus or possibly ruin her great body and even her budding career to have the baby of the bastard who cheated on her. decisions decisions.


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