Wednesday, August 10, 2005

tara reid - intellectual journalist

weeknights(and sundays too) are all about the 10pm time slot. let me break it down for ya:

  • thursday: being bobby brown - bravo

  • friday: degrassi - the-n (its on at 8pm too)

  • sunday: entourage - hbo

  • monday: laguna beach - mtv

  • tuesday: real world - mtv (i got sucked into it with last weeks mini marathon - thats the mtv way)

  • wednesday: ...

yeah bitches. wild on has a new host and a new title. youd think this is a perfect match. and it definitely is but what isnt is taras views of her new show. she wants be seen as a serious journalist on a cultural program. youre right, she nailed intellectual and cultural right in the head with this remark on one of her radio promos for the show: "i know how to say 'free beer' in 8 different lanaguages." if that doesnt scream genius, i dont know what does.

tonights episodes features two other intellectuals, paris and paris. we're gonna get wild with tara and the heir*-est couple of the world.

*lots of money - brain = an heir


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