Tuesday, March 28, 2006

life is pain

its amazing how staring in the mirror can lead to such deep thoughts. ive been a little hard on myself lately. going on vacation in 3 weeks (vacation and vacation) and ive done jack to get my bod in hot bikini shape. i know how to get that nice line down the center of my belly: by painful painful crunches and core pilates ab workouts. the most ive done to make my belly as flat as can be is laying on it. seriously. it also keeps whatever bubbly i got in my butt from staying that way. that wont get me the results i want though. why? because im not really working at it. theres no struggle.

struggle is a word my parents like to use a lot. their favorite insult is telling us we won't get far in life because we havent struggled enough. people who struggle know how to survive. i hate that "saying" but as i walked through the glass doors of my office building, i realized that what theyre saying is true. i know there are a lot of overworked and underpaid people in the world but if you look at the wealthy occupations - doctors, lawyers, ceos - those people are making the mucho dinero because of the mucho work and stress they go through. and ive said this before and ill say it again, teachers deserve every single vacation they get. their days are much longer than the usual 9-5 days that we office mongers go through.

maybe thats why we hate celebrities so much. they work a few months at a time and get paid marvelously to look hot hot hot. they have the time and money to work with a personal trainer and have zone meals sent right to there door. where is their pain? maybe its their lack of privacy. they have to keep their bods smokin because they get photographed all the time. at premieres, awards shows, robertson blvd, soho, supermarket shopping, tanning poolside or at the beach, even just applying lip gloss in the rearview mirror. i guess celebs deserve the money they make too because when they fall (and they always do), theyre gonna need it to pay for their therapy bills. it must suck to be on top of the world and then have everyone ignore you.

so the moral is: anything valuable can only be obtained through hard work. yeah i know, thats depressing as hell. gotta work to live but like the other saying goes: cant appreciate the sweet without tasting the sour.

special mention:
i dont have any witty quotes for this edition but ive got a shout out and some great tv recognitions.

shout out: this ones for gena. youre definitely next on the list for a special mention t.

great tv recogs: jamie this is for you - since im tivo-less i did the switching back and forth with apprentice and supernanny. apprentice sucks but supernanny rocks. naughty corner! all i know is that if those were my kids, i wouldve smashed their bodies against the naughty corner and told them to shut the f- up and stay there or ill punch a hole in the wall using their heads. maybe thats why i dont have kids right now.

for the gauntlet II fans: even though hes 4'11, derrick got hot just from his ballsy honestly. haha. told beth shes the meanest f-in person he knows and even imitated her right in her fat face. loves it!

britney spears used to be my hero. heres a vid when (at least i think) her bod was at her finest. this is my inspirado and i must say best performance ever:


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the shout-out and keep singin' it sista!

Britney video brought a tear to my eye - my favorite (besides the video when she is dancing with the chair - Overprotected?)

I too, have a special place in my heart for Derrick and his lumpy lips!

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